Gretchen’s Stories

Published Stories, Poems and Reviews by Gretchen Bassier


-Eight months ago, while in a werewolf rage, Lily escaped her cage and killed an innocent person. Every moment since then, Lily’s guilt has grown heavier and more suffocating. Just as it threatens to engulf her, she meets a kind stranger who is struggling through his own emotional turmoil after losing his beloved wife.

Sitting in a coffee shop with Jack, Lily smiles for the first time in eight long, dark months. She and Jack love all the same things: Star Wars, banana bread, even cheesy eighties movies. In spite of her lingering guilt, Lily starts to fall for him. Jack makes it easy. He trusts her. He worries about her. He never compares her to his lost love. Jack makes Lily want to live again – and she does the same for him.

There’s just one problem: the innocent person Lily killed was Jack’s wife.

-In Robin’s village, only girls can see unicorns – and the girls enjoy never letting him forget that fact. After all, nothing could equal the awe, privilege, and sheer wonder of viewing such a majestic and ethereal creature…right? During a fateful trip to the forest, Robin finally gets to find out the truth about unicorns for himself – for better or worse.

  • “Nude Kilometer a Modest Success,” Untied Shoelaces of the Mind, Issue #10

-You know how some students at the University of Michigan used to run the Naked Mile? Well, this is what happens when U of M-Dearborn tries the same thing…

-A female werewolf falls for the wrong guy. Like, really wrong.

-Halloween story about a dude with some really freakin’ great carving skills

-It’s hard to fight something you can’t even see…

-Halloween story about a really pissed off gargoyle

-Horror story about a terrified girl who doesn’t want to go outside and do her chores, lest she meet a man-eating grizzly…


-It only takes a few kind words to change a life forever.

-Even when the odds seem impossible, cats will find a way.

-A humorous tribute to my first – and greatest – editor: my mom.

-Some cats bring you dead mice. Some cats bring you…other things.

-Sometimes you teach the dog a new trick – and sometimes the dog teaches you.


-I go all fangirly about Joshua Werner’s awesome werewolf novella, Rampant.


-A little haiku about the warmer side of holiday shopping.


5 thoughts on “Gretchen’s Stories

  1. Hello dear Gretchen,

    Hope all is well with you and your family. Are you the same Gretchen Bassier who wrote the wonderful story “Legacy,” from an old book for the Chicken Soup for the soul and about 4 lovely dogs? Please let me know if possible.

    Best wishes,
    Hamza Hassan
    Saudi Arabia

    • Dear Hamza Hassan,

      Thank you for the kind wishes! I hope everything is well with you and your family, too! I did indeed write “Legacy” about our four dogs. Annie, Pepper, Will and Cleo were such great dogs, I cried when I wrote the story. I miss them so very much!

      Warmest wishes to you, and thanks so much for reading the story!


  2. What a beautiful story you have written, dearest Gretchen. I was impressed with your unconditional love for your dogs, specially Annie when you patiently helped her get herself rid of the phobia of water. It seems that the 4 dogs filled your life with joy and delight. I was also taken aback when Annie, just the day before she died, forced Cloe to follow her into the pond for the first time in Cloe’s life – the privilege you never got the chance to have. Dogs are miracles with paws and they are examples of love, respect, sincerity, loyalty, and honesty.

    • Dear Hamza Hassan,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments about the story! It truly was an honor to have all four of those dogs in my life. I was lucky to know them, and to be able to enjoy their presence for as long as they were here. Witnessing that moment between Annie and Cleo was something I will never forget as long as I live – just pure magic. Dogs are amazing creatures, indeed.

      Best wishes to you and any four-legged miracles you happen to share your life with!


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