New Story: “Nude Kilometer a Modest Success”

In the mood for a chuckle? Go check out my story “Nude Kilometer a Modest Success,” which was just published in Untied Shoelaces of the Mind, Issue #10. It’s super short, free to read, and guaranteed to make you think twice about approaching a Canadian goose. Also, while you’re there, please take the opportunity to read the other stories featured in the issue – there’s something for everyone: horror, literary, romance, you name it!


“Nude Kilometer a Modest Success” – regular view

“Nude Kilometer a Modest Success” – printer-friendly view

Hope you enjoy the story – it was one of the first short stories I ever wrote, and definitely holds a special place in my heart :).



4 thoughts on “New Story: “Nude Kilometer a Modest Success”

    • My pleasure! 🙂 My writing group got a nice thrill out of your story. Particularly liked the repetition of “hard and cold and dirty” and the duct tape wrapping “eight, nine, ten times” around the character’s neck. Happy to see “I’ll Be Right Back” winning its category! 🙂

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