“X-Files Dazzled” in USA Weekend

When I read that USA Weekend was doing a special on pop culture in the ’90s, I just had to send in some fond memories about what is possibly my all-time favorite TV show – The X-Files! – and how it shaped my teenage years. Imagine my surprise when the “Nineties” issue of USA Weekend came out, and I saw my own name in the reader comments section! 🙂 They published a shortened version of my letter in the print edition, and the full version – photo included – is up on their website:

X-Files Dazzled

So if you’re a fellow Phile, go dive into the joys of years gone by, and recall your own favorite experiences involving the dynamic duo of Mulder and Scully. And even if you weren’t into X-Files (I’ll try not to hold that against you), there’s plenty of other ’90s nostalgia to love, including memories of Office Space, Celine Dion’s first performance on US television, The Lion King, Seinfeld, Friends, ER, Twin Peaks, The Simpsons, and LOADS of other great stuff. Go take a look:

Best of the ’90s

Also, check out their cool cover image, which features tons of classic ’90s quotes:

USA Weekend “The Nineties” Cover

I guarantee it’ll leave you all warm and fuzzy and saying to yourself, “Ah, the ’90s. What an incredible decade to be a fan!” 🙂


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