Supernatural Review: Episode 8×18 “Freaks and Geeks”

Review of Episode 8×18: “Freaks and Geeks”
by castiello

Okay, on a scale of one to ten, how excited was I to see Krissy again? The answer: eleveny-forty. That is a really high number that Nathan Fillion made up, but I think it accurately conveys just how much I love Krissy and the actress who plays her, Madison McLaughlin. Krissy is one bad-@$$ hunter-in-the-making, and this was one bad-@$$ episode.

Sammy: Gotta love a guy who can spot a phony surveillance photo. He may be under the weather physically, but his brain is still all sharp and pointy. 🙂 Another thing still intact when it comes to Sam’s character: his hope. Throughout this episode, Sam repeatedly expressed optimism about the possibility of being able to hunt and lead a normal, picket-fence life at the same time. He wanted Victor to be the real deal, and even when that guy turned out to be a crazy mofo, Sam still hoped that maybe Krissy and the other “X-Kids” could manage to stay in school and take on the occasional hunt. I wonder if this is what Sam really wants – not to leave hunting (and Dean) behind entirely, but to find some kind of balance or compromise. The closest thing we’ve seen to a normal or balanced hunting family is Mary with her parents. They lived in a nice house and Mary went to school, but she also went with her family on nearby hunts and was well-trained to handle all manner of monsters and demons. That lasted at least eighteen or twenty years before Yellow Eyes stepped in and everything went down the crapper. So, maybe it isn’t as far-fetched as Dean thinks?

More Sammy Notes: That little look Sam gave Dean when Dean came in and saw Sam tied to the chair – great comedy. These guys don’t even need words anymore, because their expressions and gestures say it all. Sam’s little look said, “Sorry, man – they got me.” I also loved the hilarious moment at the beginning of the episode, when Sam got tired of Dean’s fussing and finally turned the tables around. The minute Sam said he wanted to talk about Dean’s emotional state, it looked like Dean had just taken a long swig of lemon juice. Everything about Dean’s demeanor immediately said “Are you kidding me? No way!” and what started out as a classic emo moment morphed into a laugh-out-loud one instead. It reminded me of the Lord of the Rings joke in the previous ep. That’s one of the great things about Supernatural – they never take themselves too seriously, and they’re always willing to poke a little fun at themselves when things are getting heavy.

Speaking of heavy, though: The fans who are worried about a possible Amelia pregnancy storyline are probably freaking the heck out right now. Several weeks ago, Prometheus (I think it was him) asked Sam what he would be willing to do if his own son’s life was on the line. A hint about an upcoming plot development? Some Supernatural geeks thought so. And now, in this episode, we have yet another character talking to Sam about the possibility of having kids. Victor asked Sam if he wanted to have kids of his own, and Sam expressed uncertainty. Being spoiler-free, I have no idea what to make of this, but it is two separate mentions of how Sam might feel about having kids. I’m not sure I like the idea because I’m not that fond of Amelia, but there might be a few bright spots to a pregnancy storyline: 1.) It would give Sam some strong motivation to survive the trials, since he’d want to live to see – and raise – his son. 2.) The idea of Dean watching out for/protecting Sam’s child is all kinds of hot.

Dean: As always, Dean has a special bond with the kids on this show. And even though Krissy is almost an adult, the connection she shares with Dean is just as strong as ever. Sam, aka Mr. Perpetually Awkward With Children, even left the room so that Dean and Krissy could have a moment to say their goodbyes. And so Dean could have a “talk” with Krissy’s future boyfriend. Dean: “If you ever break her heart…” Aiden: “I know, I know – you’ll hurt me.” Dean: “No, she’ll hurt you.” So true, Dean. So true.

I like how Dean could smell the phoniness of the Victor situation a mile away. His hunter instincts are awesome. Remember back in “Croatoan” when Dean wanted to kill that kid and everyone else said no? Well, that kid turned out to be possessed by a demon, didn’t he? Dean may not be as intellectual as Sam, but sometimes you have to just trust your gut. I’m glad Dean wanted to dig deeper and find out what was really going on with Too-Good-To-Be-True Victor. Also glad to see that Dean was the one who wanted to hunt the vamp nest so the kids wouldn’t have to, and how Dean was the one who talked Krissy out of killing Victor at the end. “We don’t kill humans,” Dean told her. Isn’t this the same lesson Sam taught Dean in “Faith”? Nice to see Dean taking the message to heart, and passing it on to the next generation of hunters.

Randomness: The X-Kids were pretty cool. I liked them all, and I liked the storyline in general. It was a departure from the norm, and I’ve always enjoyed it when the show explores the morality of other hunters that Sam and Dean encounter. We’ve had several hunters who wanted to kill Sam because they thought he was evil. We even had a hunter-turned-vampire who justified turning an innocent girl into a vamp just to trap Sam and Dean. Victor, however, seemed like the lowest of them all. His idea to raise promising young hunters in a stable, non-dysfunctional environment was a good one. Commendable, even. I think murdering the families of those young hunters and turning completely innocent people into vampires for “practice kills” was where he started to lose me. 🙂

Other Notes: The plot was predictable (previews kinda spoiled it), but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment because I cared about the characters and had fun watching them figure out the mystery themselves. The biggest surprise for me was Victor’s suicide. I didn’t see that coming, but it fit with his character and the situation, and in the end I was just glad he didn’t choose to harm anyone else on the way out. If he hadn’t been completely unhinged, Victor might’ve actually done some good in the world. If he’d chosen to locate and care for real victims of random monster violence, rather than “creating” his own victims, this would have been a much different episode.

It made me happy to see Krissy stay with the other young hunters, and even happier to imagine Garth checking in on them. I so wish that could’ve happened onscreen! But since it didn’t, and probably won’t, I guess we’ll just have to settle for tonight’s brand-new episode. 🙂 I do hope we get another Krissy episode sometime in the future, and I really hope tonight’s ep lives up to the previews, because it looks unbelievably cool.

Happy watching!




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