Supernatural Review: Episode 8×13 Everybody Hates Hitler

Review of Episode 8×13: “Everybody Hates Hitler”
by castiello

Overall: Seems we are on a streak – four strong, entertaining episodes in a row. This ep told an interesting story that felt fresh, despite the fact that we took a look back in time. I liked the use of the Golem (this creature was also used on The X-Files, back in the day, so I had fun comparing and contrasting the two versions). We found out more about the Men of Letters, met some scary Nazi Necromancers, discovered a secret organization of Rabbis – which was really freakin’ cool, btw – and added several more actors to the series of talented guest performers we’ve seen recently. So, all in all, I guess you could say I liked the episode. 🙂

Oh, and the title? Hilariously awesome. Not really something I take into account when judging an episode, but still, it had to be said. 🙂

Dean: Gotta love Dean, grooving on those vintage digs! The Men of Letters’ “Bat Cave” is a perfect match for this guy who loves all things old – from his car, to cassette tapes, to that beat-up leather jacket he used to wear all the time. Dean was born about fifty years after his time, and his appreciation for the décor and even the music in the Bat Cave was totally in sync with mine. What can I say, the man has style. 🙂

As for the Cave itself – I pictured the key as something that could actually be used in various spells. A magical object in and of itself. I didn’t realize it was just the key to opening the archive where the knowledge is kept. So, why did that old dude want Sam to just throw the key in and shut the door, then? If only Men of Letters can cross the threshold, why shouldn’t Sam and Dean use the archives to their advantage, as they did in this episode? Hopefully, my understanding will grow in the coming episodes. In the meantime, though, Dean seemed happy at finding such a wonderful place. He certainly wasted no time in making himself at home, even using the shower facilities and putting on, as Sam put it, a “dead guy’s robe.” I can definitely see them establishing a base here, and to be honest, I think that’s something they desperately need.

As for what I need – I need Baby to stop getting smashed up every time she’s on screen! It’s traumatic! And in this ep, Dean’s body was the actual weapon used against her. Talk about adding insult to injury…His response to the Golem was funny, though (was that a girly scream I heard, Dean?) as was his reaction to being thrown across the parking lot (“Ow, my spleen!”).

I actually thought it was pretty cool that Dean knew enough about those poisoned darts to realize that killing the spell-caster would stop the spell. This is not the first time we’ve seen Dean reference/use magic this season, either. He also squished a soul inside his own arm, released the soul later on, and then reanimated Benny’s lifeless (not to mention skin and internal organ-less) body. Where did Dean learn all this advanced magic? Purgatory, maybe? And, more importantly, will this knowledge come in handy in the future? I hope so, because Sorcerer!Dean is pretty darn awesome.

I also like that Dean is hesitant to allow untrained soldiers into the battle. He and Sam have lost more people in their lives than anyone ever should, and they realize just how quickly even the most experienced warriors can fall. So, I get Dean’s trepidation about Aaron taking control of the Golem and joining the fight. That said, both Sam and Dean respected Aaron’s right to make the decision, and I think Aaron – and his pet Golem – may prove to be powerful allies in the future.

Sam: Oh, Sammy, you are my hero – you get hit in the neck with a black-magic dart, and still manage to carry the red ledger to safety. You rock! Next time, though, maybe pull the dart out right away? That would be my first instinct. Maybe he knew Dean needed to actually see what type of dart it was to know what they were dealing with. I could buy that.

In any case, I love that Sam was the one who figured out the book-switch – that kind of clue is right up his alley. I also love how, while Dean was busy soaking up the Bat Cave’s comfort and style, Sam instantly gravitated to the files. All that information, all that history…As I watched both brothers settle into the Men of Letters’ hideout, I couldn’t help but wonder if they had, in some way, finally found their home. It has beautiful old things for Dean to enjoy, it has tons of info for Sammy to organize and update, and it has a wealth of knowledge that both of them could use as hunters. I can see this as their “place.” I can see Sam embracing being a Man of Letters, I can see Dean continuing to be a hunter, and I can see this as the place that unites them. Maybe Sam’s dreams of college are going away for good, replaced by a destiny he was meant for all along – to be a scholar in the world of the supernatural.

As far as Golems go, Sam’s bafflement matched mine – I, too, thought they weren’t supposed to be able to talk. I also thought erasing a letter on the creature’s body was a way to stop him (the scroll thing was even cooler, though). I definitely felt for Aaron, how upset he was that they were trying to find a way to kill his Golem, but I really couldn’t blame Sam and Dean – I mean, something that powerful, in the wrong hands? Bad. Very bad.

Baby: Despite the repeated window-smashings, I can’t deny how nice it is to see her gleaming, silver-black skin on my screen every week. Last year, it made sense with the plotline to put her in storage, but it hurt the show a little. The Metallicar is – and always has been – the third star of Supernatural. Taking away that element was like stripping out the rock music, or not having the witty, pop-culture-reference episode titles. It wasn’t right, and I didn’t realize how much I missed Baby until she finally came back. Hopefully, the show won’t make the same mistake twice – I need the Impala, and so does Dean.

The Golem: Soft-spoken, enormous, and scary-powerful – this guy (along with his wimpy, I-can’t-believe-this-is-all-real human handler) had my attention all episode long. I love that he could talk, I love that he left clay behind after smashing the bookshelf, and I love most of all the emotion he displayed in quieter moments: talking about what the Nazis had done, coming to trust Sam and Dean, expressing gratitude that his master had finally stepped up and taken charge. Wonderful, A+ acting. Wonderful, A+ storyline.

Other Notes: Why didn’t the Nazis use that fire spell against Sam, Dean and Co.? It seemed pretty powerful. I get not using it when Sam was holding the book – the ledger might’ve burned, too – but why not use it later? Speaking of fire, how hilarious was it that Sam and Dean were actually warming their hands over a burning corpse? And poor Aaron’s reaction: “These guys are insane!” Another funny moment: Aaron’s “I thought we had a connection” scene with Dean. So well-played on both sides. Not many people could trick Dean, but that really threw him off the scent!

Final thoughts: Great emotion, great characters, great story. I really like both Aaron and the Golem, and would love to see them back as allies in the future. Would also love to see a lot more of the Bat Cave. Dean can use it at a place to shower in style and pick up new cases – he’s a hunter, born and bred, and he always will be. Sam, OTOH, has always searched for something more. He has felt out of step with the hunting life, and maybe this legacy will give him what he’s been yearning for. This can be a place for both of them: a true home, and a long overdue one, at that.

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