Writing Challenge: Day Seven

I know I’m messing with the order a little bit, but this entry just seemed too perfect for New Year’s Eve. Speaking of which, I hope you all have a wonderful, safe night, and I wish you the best of luck in keeping your resolutions. 🙂

Day 7: Write a letter to yourself telling you what you need to improve in the coming six months.

Dear You,

Hey. How’s it going?

I think it’s going pretty well, but there are always things we could work on. The main thing would be SUBMISSIONS. Every year, you say it’s going to be the “year of submissions.” You’re going to send so many stories to so many different publishers.

Well, so far, the Year of Submissions remains a figment. Submitting 5-6 stories a year (and that’s a MAXIMUM) ain’t gonna cut it. You have to be aggressive, proactive, vigorous in your search for markets. And yes, it takes a lot of energy – researching companies, crafting individualized cover letters, printing and licking and mailing and waiting. And yes, there will be rejections along the way. Lots and lots and LOTS of rejections.

But you know as well as I do (because we’re the same person), that it’s the only way to get published. THE ONLY WAY. Got it?

So, let’s set a new goal for us. In the next six months, let’s aim to get 25 rejections. A nice, reasonable, fairly small number. And maybe, if we’re really lucky, there’ll be an acceptance or two mixed in there somewhere. Sound good?

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of improvements:

More exercise, fewer cookies. Keep in touch with your friends (and family) better than you have been. Get more active in the writing community (read, review, discuss, maybe join a group or two) and don’t stress over every little detail.

You won’t succeed at all of these things, but try your best! See you in six months!


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