Writing Challenge: Day One

Day 1: Write 10 potential book titles of books you’d like to write.

I really did do this first exercise – honest! – but I also managed to badger my friend, Chris, into doing it with me. And since his list came out a thousand times better than mine, I thought I’d share his titles on here for everyone to enjoy:

10 Potential Titles of Books (and a TV Show) I’d Like to Write
by Christopher Calhoun

10. Hideous Injustice:  Grotesquely Disfigured Superheroes and the Innocent Victims Who Died From the Sight of Their Would-Be Saviors

9. Digital Wallflowers – The Introvert’s Reference for Dealing With a Post-Facebook World

8. The Ticket (A helpdesk intern investigating a mysterious tech support request discovers the person working in the adjacent cubicle may not be who (or what) he seems!  DUN DUN DUN!@!@~)

7. The 21st Century Basement Dweller:  A Geek’s Guide to Underground Bunker Construction

6. It Came From The PC:  Lurid Tales of the Deadly Monsters That Could Be Hiding in Your Computer

5. Surviving the Post-Singularity Robot A.I.-pocalypse

4. When Snack Foods Bite Back (questionable “reality” TV spinoff premiering soon on Fox)

3. 101 Great Nude Stunts (and the Jail Time They’ll Get You)

2. 2012 Naked Runner’s Almanac

1. The Joy of Smoothness(tm)

Hope you had some fun with these! More coming soon!



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