Mentalist Review: Episode 5×10 Panama Red

Review of Episode 5×10: Panama Red
by castiello

Overall: A nice, light episode. Cho has a storyline, Rigsby got baked, there were some cute moments with Jane and Lisbon, and the case was fairly interesting. We even got something that I asked for last time (yay!), so overall, I can’t complain.

Cho: Now that he’s finally got a storyline of his own, it seems to be taking off. Hey, better late than never! I enjoyed seeing him in his new role as a member of the Rapid Response Team, but what I liked even more was his reunion with Summer! Last year, I was running hot and cold on his volatile relationship with this woman – sometimes I could really appreciate what Summer did for him, how she brought a little chaos and fun into his quiet, orderly life. Other times, I felt annoyed by her babyishness and her blatant disrespect for his job. In this episode, though, I was all smiles when they were onscreen together – I’m glad Cho decided to help her, and I’m glad she was telling the truth about being innocent. The goodbye scene between them was very touching – have we ever seen Cho smile like that before? I think part of my TV screen melted…

It was a little bittersweet – I felt like Cho was letting Summer go in the best possible way. He was genuinely happy for her, and that is the greatest form of love. I do wonder whether we’ll see her again, and what kind of trouble she’ll be in if we do. She doesn’t strike me as someone who could stay calm and danger-free for very long, but like Cho, I found myself wishing her the best. I also found myself wondering whether Cho will ever have feelings like that for his new love interest, Tamsin. Her jealousy over Summer in this episode was obvious and a little bit unprofessional. I did like how everyone – even Ardilles – knew that Cho’s main goal was to help Summer. I also love that Rigsby had more of a reaction to Cho’s new job in this ep. That’s what I wanted to see from him before – some possessiveness, maybe a little jealousy. His dig about the new team was funny, too: “If you’re supposed to be a rapid response team, then why are you sitting around for thirty minutes?” LOL. Looks like both Rigsby and Tamsin want to keep Cho to themselves. And really, who wouldn’t?

Rigsby: Man, I couldn’t believe he actually sampled the product! That was great. Horrible, but great. I was yelling at him not to do it, but I guess he thought he had to do it to keep from blowing his cover. Still, in terms of looking suspicious, his reaction to the marijuana was probably just as bad as if he’d refused to smoke it. It was hilariously obvious that he had little-to-no tolerance for pot. Owain is an awesome comedic actor, and he had me in stitches when he pointed his “gun” at the suspects. Also loved his case of the munchies – like Rigsby really needed something to make him eat more.

Jane: Good continuity with Jane and his little book. No, Lisbon he’s not obsessing – he’s just “following a lead.” And of course it’s the boss lady, once again, who gets him out of his attic and interacting on the current case. I was LOLing when Jane snatched up that puzzle box and wouldn’t relinquish it. He was clutching it like the One Ring. He even called it his puzzle. My preciousssssss.

Naturally, Jane on a pot farm provided a lot of humor, as did his breaking into the tobacco lab: “Is it hands in the air, or down on the ground?” Also, who knew that pot seeds could have such weird names? Turbo Wolf???? As always, Jane’s brilliant scheme worked, making up a fake drug dealer to lure in the thief. Having the double-switch of the pot seeds was a neat twist. For some reason, I also really loved the scene between Jane and Lisbon and the dying professor. It was strangely touching. The professor spoke of the victim, Jeremy, with such fondness. His intelligence and kindness and love of puzzles. Maybe their relationship was a little bit Jane/Lisbonish?

Actually, the only thing more I would have wanted from the case part of the story was a stronger motive for Jeremy to switch the seeds. Like maybe he thought they would be a big breakthrough in helping his professor with her pain management. Something a little less selfish than just wanting them because he created the product. I wanted him to be a better person than he turned out to be.

Lisbon: Dang, woman! Little Miss Fierce with a hammer in her desk. It was actually brilliant and very in character for her to have a hammer handy and use it to smash open the box. Jane had been frustrating her for pretty much the whole episode with that box. And yet, I have to admit – even though it was funny – part of my heart broke when Lisbon wrecked that beautiful little container. Good craftsmanship is so rare these days, and the person who’d made the box was dead, so it was probably one of a kind. It hurt to see something so special get smashed like that. True, Jane shouldn’t have put her keys in it, but I don’t think he – or anyone else – predicted that her reaction would be so violent! I guess she can still surprise him, even after all these years.

Van Pelt: The show gets a pass for under-using Van Pelt due to Amanda’s circumstances, but I’d sure love to see a big storyline coming up for the Serious Crimes Unit’s youngest agent, just as soon as she’s ready to tackle it.

Final thoughts: Lots of laughs. A little bit of pain. A nice, solid episode. Keep up the good work, Show!


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