Supernatural Review: Episode 8×08 Hunteri Heroici

Review of Episode 8×08: Hunteri Heroici
by castiello

Overall: A nice, light episode. Lots of laughs, which is usually the case when Cass tries to do anything requiring normal human interaction. We also got to see some closure on Sam’s storyline, plus some forward momentum on Cass’ new arc. All three leading men got plenty of screen time (making for a well-balanced episode), plus the case felt fresh and original, so all in all I was a happy fan.

Sam: So, we finally have the answer to why he and Amelia broke up. Her husband, Don, who had reportedly been killed in action in Afghanistan, was apparently not as dead as everyone thought. How awkward. Now I look back on the scene of Sam leaving in the night and feel pity for Sam. What a way for things to end. Then again, the door’s not completely slammed and locked when it comes to Sam and Amelia’s relationship – she could always choose to leave her husband. He could leave her. Don enlisted without even telling his wife beforehand, so you can’t tell me there weren’t marital problems.

Anyway, I’m just glad Dean – and his earthly arrival – weren’t the reason for the split. When Sam was talking about how the thing you’re running from will one day catch up with you and destroy your life, I was horrified. I was like, “No! Don’t say that! You weren’t running from Dean!” But I guess Don was the thing that “caught up” with Sam and Amelia and took away the life they had together. Not exactly a nice way of looking at it – usually someone not being dead is a good thing. But Sam’s the one who got left out in the cold, so it was (understandably) a negative thing for him.

I felt bad for Sam, having to deal with Amelia’s dad. The guy was uncomfortably rude to Sam for most of their interactions. I guess the dude was supposed to be a “protective dad” type, but I don’t know. The way I see it, you can be that way without being openly insulting to someone you’ve just met. I did like when the guy finally made an effort with Sam. And seeing Sam laugh like that was a beautiful thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him laugh like that before. So in the end, Amelia’s dad turned out to be okay (he even has good taste in cars.) 🙂

The one thing I’d like from Sam’s storyline now is some tie-in to the mythology. As it stands, it’s almost too domestic, too normal, to even belong on the show. There hasn’t been a hint of anything supernaturalish in any of those scenes, aside from Don’s mysterious reappearance. So, I’m hoping that there will be something soon that brings Sam’s story into the present and into the realm of the paranormal. Amelia could call and say her husband is back but he doesn’t seem quite right. He is starting to scare her and she’s decided to leave him – can Sam come pick her up? And then we dive into a new story that (ideally) relates to the season-long arc of locking up the demons forever!

Cass: This guy sucks…

…In all the most wonderful ways.

Those fabulous, deadpan deliveries are back! Dean: Let’s go hunt some wabbits. Cass: I don’t think you pronounced that correctly… ROFL. In this ep, Cass did everything from sniffing out a urinary tract infection, to imitating Columbo, to finding divine meaning in a Roadrunner cartoon. As a Cass fan, you really can’t ask for more.

He also had some serious moments with Dean and Fred. It broke my heart to hear Cass say he might kill himself if he saw what he’d done to heaven. However, I’m assuming –  based on his later conversation with Naomi – that he’s been ordered not to come back to heaven. But because he doesn’t remember his conversations with her (right???) he’s simply left with a strong urge not to go to heaven, and his brain interprets the feeling as not being able to face what he’s done. If he does remember the meetings with Naomi, then that’s an entirely different situation (and one I do not like at all). That means Cass lied to Dean and actually is voluntarily spying on the boys for Naomi, which I don’t think he would do. Cass as the bad guy doesn’t work. We already made that mistake back in season six, and I feel confident (?) the writers aren’t going to repeat it. So, it’s gotta be option A. Definitely.

I loved Castiel’s moment of peace, sitting there listening to the music with Fred (I love to see Cass happy). Lifting that anvil was pretty impressive, too. Also, note the awesome power Cass used to actually transport himself (and Sam) into someone’s mind. I did wonder what happened to Fred’s power, though – how did Cass remove it? He shifted Sam’s madness into his own mind, and I kind of wondered if he took Fred’s power out the same way. Would that mean that Cass now has major TK powers? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Dean: Wow, he was actually pretty sweet and sensitive to Cass in this one. I liked this, especially since it is not always the case. In season six, I felt like Dean was particularly callous when it came to listening to Cass’ problems and what he was going through with the angel war. Made Dean seem kind of prick-ish, which sucked because I am a Dean fan. In this episode, though, Dean sat down with Cass and tried to talk to him. It’s nice to see Dean being a good friend.

Also nice to see Dean enjoying himself – that black hole scene was fun. In fact, all of the cartoon stuff was a blast (sometimes literally). I never thought I’d see the impression of Dean’s face smashed into a frying pan, Han Solo-in-carbonite style. I bet they could auction that prop off for a lot of money. I would bid on it!

Dean got some great lines in this one, too: “What’s up, doc?” and “Best wife ever!” and let’s not forget “You were being bad everything.” Have to back him up on not letting Cass ride in the front right off the bat – you gotta earn that spot. And by the end, Cass did.

Final thoughts: I had fun. I laughed – a lot – and that’s always a good thing. Many kudos to the special effects team for knowing their limits – everything looked great, and I loved the “cartoony” feeling of it all. Having Cass present seems to take the focus off any supposed tension between the brothers, which is nice because that storyline sucks like a Hoover isn’t very good. I’m actually sad that Cass didn’t go with Sam and Dean at the end of the episode. I do wonder what Cass is going to do now, though, since he doesn’t seem to want to hunt with Sam and Dean anymore. Naomi asked Cass what he wanted to do, and he was listening to sirens in the distance, so I thought maybe healing people? It’s what he did when he had amnesia, so maybe it’s like his calling. Whatever he and Sam and Dean are doing, I’ll always show up to watch – especially if the episodes are as much fun as this one was. So until next time, in the words of Dean Winchester,

“That’s all folks!”


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