Mentalist Review: 3×16 Red Queen

Just dusting off some old reviews in anticipation of the season premiere on Sunday! For nostalgic purposes, I give you:

A Review of Episode 3×16: Red Queen
by castiello

I really liked the episode. There was a lot going on, I was very engaged.

Hightower: I’m glad she didn’t turn out to be guilty; I’ve always enjoyed her character. At the beginning of the ep, I was pretty sure she was innocent, because they made her look so, SO irredeemably guilty. But then in the middle I was starting to question myself. Her affair with that officer, and then her little blue dot so close to the holding cell…It didn’t look good. The show kept me guessing. Hightower’s goodbye scene with Jane was sweet. I like that she told him to confide in Lisbon.

LaRoche: I liked him in this! I thought he handled things well. I was impressed by his map – it really showed at the meticulous effort he put into the investigation. Seeing his house at the end was funny – definitely not what I pictured!

Bertram: Whoa…Um, didn’t see that coming (which is cool), especially the way it was revealed. For me, he was always one of those characters who just seems icky, and I tend not to suspect those people of being the really bad ones because it would almost be too obvious. He started sounding very “iffy” when he was talking about Hightower’s guilt; something to the effect of, “It’s a shame it turned out to be one of our own, but at least the case is all wrapped up.” That did not seem like quite a normal reaction to the situation. And then he said the poetry stuff, and my mom and I flipped out! Bertram must be VERY confident that Jane hasn’t told Lisbon anything, to make such a bold, in-your-face statement. Not good…

Van Pelt: She didn’t seem to be in this one much, which is a shame. There was one mention of her fiancé, so at least there’s some continuity. I still hold out hope that FBI Agent O’Something might be shady. His response to Rigsby saying “Don’t hurt Grace” was not a reasonable reaction. At best, it was a jerk-face reaction. At worst, a creepy/evil one.

Rigsby: Lots of fun with him in this one! His trouble understanding the man at the museum was very amusing. I thought Owain did a great job on his American accent, especially since he had to really emphasize some of the words for humorous effect. I don’t know what he said in Spanish later on, but I’m not entirely sure it was correct! I really felt for him, having to paw through Hightower’s unmentionables… The discomfort was palpable! Nice detective work noticing the heavy drawer, though.

Cho: Still getting the best lines! (Rigs: “Maybe they don’t speak Spanish…” Cho: “Maybe you don’t.”) He was a cool cat in the interrogation room, as always. It was nice to see him and Rigsby working in tandem during the shootout. They totally have each other’s backs.

Lisbon: She was great in this episode. Strong and smart. I love how she stood up for Hightower. They really bonded in the last episode, and it showed in this one. Also, I like that Lisbon was able to sniff out a “Jane scheme” (even though she couldn’t get him to admit to it) and after everything still maintained her belief that Hightower might not be guilty. It’s neat that she and the team figured out the Todd Johnson connection to the more recent murder, and were able to share that with Jane, rather than him figuring everything out on his own.

Jane: Loved him at the museum. I love his curiosity and wonder, that he takes time to appreciate little things in life. It’s sweet that he thought of the security guard’s son and bought the tooth replica for the boy. Jane misses being a dad so much…

Liked his line to Hightower: “You’ve been LaRoched.” 🙂

Jane with the gun was scary. I totally believed he was dead serious. I wondered why he went and got that gun, instead of just using his own. (Did he say he took the armory key from Van Pelt? Is that important? Do all the agents have a key?) I thought maybe the larger gun was more intimidating, or it reminded him of the one he killed Tanner with. Maybe Jane needed to get in that lethal frame of mind, to steel himself for what he had to do, and/or remind Hightower what he was capable of. Then I thought maybe he wanted to keep his personal gun a secret for now. Then I realized he was probably just planning ahead, in the event Hightower turned out to be innocent. The duct-tape thing wouldn’t really have worked well with a small gun. That was a neat trick, especially with the tinted window on the van.

Not sure if Jane was actually hurt in that crash or not – he was definitely playing it up for dramatic effect, but at the same time, he did crash hard enough to make the airbags deploy. I would think that’d leave him a little sore at least.

Oh!! Jane said “Thank you” to Lisbon for riding to his rescue!! (Even though he was not ever in danger, she certainly believed he was…) It’s nice to see him appreciate her like that. A “thank you” from Jane is like a shooting star – rare, beautiful, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. 🙂

I like that Jane got Hightower out when he realized she was telling the truth. I totally get his reasons for wanting to go it alone against Red John – I really do believe he’s trying to protect Lisbon. It’s hard to blame him for feeling this way after everything that’s happened: his family, Bosco and Co, Kristina…And yet, if he had told Lisbon about “Tyger, Tyger” they would now know the truth about Bertram. Instead, everybody’s still clueless. Except the audience, of course. 🙂

It’s interesting – I could be wrong, but I don’t think the Mentalist does this very often, giving the audience a major important clue that the characters don’t have. Usually, I feel like the characters are ahead of me. Jane and team (or sometimes just Jane) have orchestrated a plan, off-camera, to catch the bad guy, and the audience figures things out as the scheme is unfolding. Usually Jane knows who the bad guys are right from the start, it’s just a matter of trapping them. But now, the audience knows something before he does…I look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

All in all, a very cool episode for me. I hope other people liked it, too.

I’ll have to go read and find out! (Also have to go look up what a dire wolf is…) 😉


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